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?products has s〓tood up to strin■gent scrutiny in var■ious countri●es, includin●g the United 〓States.But America's■ politicians have ab●andoned the princ●iples of fa●ir competi●tion which they once● proudly defended, 〓and have decid○ed to embr■ace the Americ●a First philosoph●y and abu

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inese fir●ms with groundle■ss charges.◆ Their goal is to st■unt China's technolo■gical developmen●t and retai◆n the global hegemo〓nic position enjo〓yed by the United◆ States. The■se recent move○s are also ●an attempt to place○ extreme p●ressure on Ch〓ina as the tr〓ade tensions ◆escalate. The Ameri○can move is t〓antamount to bu○ilding an iron ●curtain across glo●bal value chains. It○ is inevitab■le that this will ●deeply harm global g○rowth, and hind■er humanit○y's scientific● and technologica◆l progress.At ●the core of America■n restrictio◆ns on Huawei lie● 5G technolo●gy and its appl◆ication. The next g○eneration of mob●ile technology i○s of great signi〓ficance when it come〓s to building 〓the Inte

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g the ◆deep integration ■of the Internet w■ith big data, artifi●cial intelligenc■e, and the ○real economy. I○t requires al〓l countries to s○trengthen their coo●peration so th○at everyone can be○nefit. However, ◆the United St◆ates has arbitrari■ly suppressed○ Huawei for its ow●n benefit, without ■regard to i●ts impact o●n the progres●s of global informa○tion technolo◆gy.The United 〓States has n●ot produced any con●crete evidence to■ verify its 〓accusations a■gainst eithe■r Huawei or DJI.○ DJI drones have ●been widely used in◆ fields that incl◆ude agricult■ure, firefighting■, disaster reli◆ef, and the p○rotection of○ endangered an●imals. The ○American mil◆itary is al■so a regular clie●nt of the Ch■

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oward has● been foun●d regarding its p◆roducts. Gi●ven that some Ameri■can politician●s have been willin●g to defame〓 DJI without prov■iding proof◆ of any wron〓gdoing, it is re●asonable to believ〓e that attacks aga〓inst the comp●any are likely●.This reckless b○ehavior by〓 American poli●ticians has 〓made many obs■ervers in th○e United State◆s comment o●n the absu○rdity of the curre●nt situation. Reno○wned econom〓ist Jeffrey S●achs called the ●U.S. move agai○nst Huawei ■“a dangerous e◆scalation of ◆the U.S. attempt to● weaken China&r〓squo;s economy●.” He p◆ointed out that Chin◆a's only mistake i〓s having a popu◆lation of 1.4 bill■ion and that, ○if it were a smalle■r country like Sou〓th

Korea with i●ts populatio〓n of



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50 million●, it would be praise■d by the United Sta●tes as a great succe■ss story.For ◆Chinese companies ●that have experience●d the ups and d◆owns of ov●erseas markets, 〓this round of t○echnology hegem○ony and bullyi○ng by the United St■ates is without doub■t another challenge.◆ It will have◆ its short-term im●pacts. But crises s?/p>

饀ch as these can als●o become opportun●ities. What is

clea○r is that China's 〓increasingly powe●

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rful companies would◆ continue to ad●vance despite thes○e pressures, an〓d won't be◆ dwarfed by an〓y bullying.Plea●se scan th●e QR Code to f■ollow us on ◆InstagramPlease ◆scan the QR Cod●e to follow u◆s on Wechat●China's exports of◆ low-tech goods○ had accounted for 2●8 percent of i〓ts export market ●in 2014, compared t●o 41 pe

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rce◆nt in 2000.●China Breakth■roughs: Chargin●g ahead on 〓"Made-in-China" ●chip technolo

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